Logos in Concrete – Orlando, FL

What better way to make your business stand out then use of your company logo. It helps people remember where they need to go when searching for whatever it is you sell, be it tools, cars, food, or anything in between, a logo makes you stand out. Logos in concrete floors are a very attractive and effective form of marketing.  It adds to the overall beauty of one of the largest canvases in your business!

There are many elements that go into creating a logo then implementing it on a floor. We do not create the logos, we just make them look natural in your floor. Our preferred method of concrete  logo installation is to etch it in. That way it is a classy permanent part of the overall look of the floor. Some installers use stickers, but they tend to look cheap and fabricated and really require no skill to install. We installed this logo for our friends at the VFW after another company completely botched the floor..

Logo installation
Installing Logo
Logo etched into concrete