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Concrete staining, resurfacing, overlays, and sealing Orlando FL.

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Big Top Concrete Resurfacing
Big Top Concrete Resurfacing

Our indoor and outdoor concrete overlays bond with the existing concrete at the molecular level.

Our concrete overlay and resurfacing products perform much differently than a coat of paint. In fact, we must reiterate that we do not paint. We are flooring professionals. We open the pores of the concrete by chemical and mechanical means and apply contractor-grade products that bond to the thoroughly prepped concrete.

Through concrete staining, we can achieve beautiful coloring that complements your desired color scheme. Once sealed, you have a unique and individualized floor that the big box stores simply can’t offer.

Grind and Seal

A grind and seal is a wonderful cost-effective means of beautifying most concrete substrates. It consists of mechanically grinding the slab to either profile or remove contaminants such a carpet glue mastic, etc. Then we use one of our various concrete staining techniques be it water-based dye, acetone-based dye, or acid staining to give a rustic industrial appeal.

Micro Topping

Micro toppings can be used to add texture a beauty to structurally sound concrete. The aggregate in this product is very tiny producing a smoother feel. These decorative concrete coatings can then be stained saw cut or scored to add a design element to the floor. Once sealed you have a floor that is unique to your business or residence.

Macro Topping

A concrete macro topping will be applied slightly thicker than a micro topping. This is a great application for exterior surfaces and heavy traffic areas. It can be stained scored and textured, and applied with various techniques to customize the design. It’s a wonderful alternative to tearing out and replacing existing concrete.

High Build Industrial Systems

Industrial grade resinous flooring options including Epoxies, Self leveling cementitious overlays as well as Urethane Cement systems designed to provide a beautiful durable floor for tough environments and floors subject to chemical and thermal shock.

Acid Staining

Acid staining produces rich diverse color and mottling that is unique to every floor. It reacts with the minerals in the substrate to produce color with depth and contrast that will add richness to any interior or exterior concrete substrate. Acid stains come in a variety of colors and depending on the look you are wanting to achieve. Ask us for a color chart.

Metallic Epoxy

The metallic floor finish is growing in popularity. We combine special powders that suspend within our epoxy coatings producing a dazzling array of texture and color-blends that are strikingly gorgeous. These epoxy coatings provide a durable finish that will sustain the test of time and be the topic of conversation. Have a car collection? Want to show it off on a floor that is worthy, then this application is for you!

Terrazzo Refurbishing

Is your home or business in need of a terrazzo spruce up? Or did you remove
some old flooring only to discover a hidden gem of original terrazzo? We can
bring that back to life and make it shine! Terrazzo is making a comeback in
the south and for good reason. Give us a call!