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Discover the endless possibilities of epoxy flooring and decorative concrete applications. Our services can transform your ordinary, cracked concrete into a stunning new look at a cost that is more affordable than replacing the entire surface. With a wide variety of installations available, including custom designs, epoxy coatings for garages, homes, businesses, and industrial spaces, as well as concrete polishing, overlays, and more, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs. Experience the beauty and durability of our flooring options that rival traditional flooring.

Big Top Concrete Resurfacing

Epoxy flooring can solve a variety of issues. First and foremost, it's unique, no two floors will ever be the same. That means you won't walk into your neighbor's house and have that awkward feeling of having the cookie cutter builder grade floor. Next, sometimes it's the only option for commercial or retail spaces that require a certain level of antimicrobial properties. For example, restaurants, hospitals, kennels and more.

On this page you will find just a few of our decorative concrete and epoxy flooring installations. All images below are of our work, and we have documentation as well as videos to back this up. Many companies seem to be stealing our images to use in order to get a start. We are flattered however this practice is deceiving.

These floors are and one of a kind!

Metallic Epoxy

Polished Concrete