Should you hire a contractor from Facebook Marketplace?

Hiring decorative contractors from Facebook Marketplace may not be your best option and here’s why. Our industry in the state of Florida is unfortunately unregulated, meaning anyone can pick up some epoxy from a big box store, put in on your floors and collect a check. It will last long enough for the check to clear and the contractor with no reputation and no background fades away, never to be reached again. The mess you will be left with will not only end up costing you twice, but the second time around is going to be more expensive then had you first hired a company with a good reputation in the community and with plenty of referrals to back them up.

There are a host of individuals on Marketplace advertising installations so cheap that we can’t even get our material for that price. What does that tell you? Number one, they have no equipment for proper preparation of the substrate. Number two, they purchase the consumer grade products that will not produce a sustainable floor. Number three, they are not a licensed and insured business that has a reputation to maintain. 

The bottom line is, if it seems too good to be true, it is. There are no shortcuts in the decorative concrete industry, it’s a two way street it’s either done right, or it’s done wrong. Don’t fall victim to individuals who won’t even invest in their business enough to own a proper website. That’s our two cents.————————