Decorative Concrete Orlando | Questions to ask

Decorative Concrete Orlando – What type of flooring are you looking for? This is the first question to ask yourself when deciding on new floors for your place of business or home. It’s the obvious question. Sometimes we need to explore the not so obvious in search of our new floor or vertical wall space. What type of atmosphere are you trying to create. Are you wanting a warm welcoming feel to your space or are you looking for something more fun or exciting in your floors. Maybe you are in the market for heavy duty finishes for commercial spaces.

Big Top Concrete Resurfacing, LLC specializes in many types of decorative and industrial flooring options. From micro toppings to concrete polishing, acid staining to urethane concrete and most everything in between. It’s important that you as the consumer try to educate yourself by doing research and asking your decorative concrete or industrial concrete coating specialist questions. I can’t emphasize this enough, ask questions and if all you’re given is a “yeah we do that,” then you may want to ask questions to another contractor. Pay attention to how long they have been a business. Be sure your decorative concrete specialist in Orlando or elsewhere has the knowledge to educate you on the pros and cons of different decorative concrete and industrial coating applications.

There is not a one size fits all aspect of decorative concrete. Every substrate has it’s complicated differences therefore having plenty of options is key to having a long lasting beautiful floor that you can be proud of for years.