Decorative Concrete Economics Why the Lower Bid is Not Always The Best Decision

We have all done this at one point or another made a purchase based on price, only to find out that the price was low for a reason. We end up returning the merchandise and going for the quality product. That was easy right? Go to the store make a return may of taken all of fifteen minutes.

With decorative concrete there are no returns, there is no going back and sometimes there is no finding the contractor to argue the point because they disappear. We come across this scenario on a regular basis in Orlando Florida. Installers that take deposits and never show up or do half the work and hit the road. Or, they finish the job without doing the necessary steps to ensure longevity, while using the cheapest products they can find.

We just went to a call like this on the 29th of May, 2015. It was a pool deck that was supposed to receive a stamped overlay. The guy put down a bond coat and said he needed more money to continue. The homeowner paid him the entire cost of the job less $200, guess what, the contractor never returned. Not only that, but it was clear he did no prep whatsoever. I told the homeowner it’s better that he didn’t put down any cementitious material, as it would have been a much bigger mess down the road. I saw the bid on this job was $2000. The homeowner was now under a false impression that a decorative concrete coating on a pool deck this size should be in $2000 range. Well, as to not waste his or my time, I laid it on the line by letting him know that we would not even come close to that figure but that’s because we are professionals and do the job right.

When you run a business reputation is everything. We strive to use quality products along with quality workmanship and make the process of of an installation something to enjoy seeing take place. We have the tools to do the job and we have the skills, of course we are licensed, insured, and certified.

The old saying you get what you pay for is an understatement when it comes to decorative concrete. If you receive three bids and one is exceptionally low, raise that red flag in your mind and kindly show that contractor the way out. Go with your gut and who you feel comfortable with and do yourself a favor by checking their reviews.