Concrete Overlays in Orlando Save Money Most of the Time

The idea behind concrete overlays is that they are supposed to be more cost effective than ripping out and replacing old worn concrete. There are however certain applications and design elements and upgrades that add to the cost. But the results you simply can not achieve with tile or traditional flooring products.

Our company goes through great lengths to try and find the correct balance between making a profit and providing solutions. Case in point our last small job. It was basically trying to figure out a cost effective solution to a homeowner mistakes on his pool deck. He stained his stamped concrete it and did not properly prep the area or adhere to the manufacturers suggested application method. A year later the stain was peeling off like potato skin. He had two prior estimates by other companies and the price tag was in the ridiculous range. Their solution was to grind off the stain and redo everything including the texture created with the stamp.  It is definitely a solution, but cost effective, hardly.

When a product fails even if it was applied by the homeowner, we need to get to the bottom of what went on during the install. I performed a few test to determine if there was a product that could easily fix his issue. The answer was not so easy. We like to think outside the box when it comes to these special circumstances. The concrete stain was peeling only in the areas which received constant sun. Under the shaded part it was not flaking but had a few issues. After interviewing the homeowner about his installation I was able to determine a few things about why it failed and it helped us come up with a solution.

Our solution is not one for every occasion, but if the homeowner has a little patience, he could potentially save thousands. Our solution came in two parts one taking place now and the other taking place in the fall. The homeowner liked our proposal and let us do our job. Of course we could have given the same answer as the other two companies, grind it, leave a flier and say have a nice day, but that’s not the Big Top way. There was very little profit in this job for us, but we did learn quite a bit in our search for solutions which is invaluable.