Epoxy Flooring Winter Park, FL

Are you considering epoxy flooring Winter Park residents? Well Big Top Concrete Resurfacing has been installing epoxy flooring in your area since 2012!

Winter Park Florida is well know for it's vibrant cultural and arts scene. Not to mention it's exclusive shopping and dining! The town attracts successful professionals, entrepeneurs, and retirees who appreciate the lifestyle it offers.

Property values are high in the Orlando metropolitan area. The town has a reputation for beautiful well-maintained homes. Which is why epoxy flooring in Winter Park Florida has been in high demand. With wonderful architecture, clean homes and manicured lawns, nobody wants to open their garage and see a dirty, stained , cracked slab!

Garage Epoxy

Residential Services

Our residential epoxy flooring options will bring to life your old worn-out existing concrete. It's highly durable and long-lasting. The epoxy coating creates a tough and resilient surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic, impacts and abrasions. This makes it ideal for high-traffic areas in the home such as the garage, basement, entryway, driveway and patios.


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Patio Epoxy

What's our process?

First we go over your expectations for your new epoxy floor coating. Then we evaluate your slab and make sure there are no underlying issues. When we come to do your job we mechanically prep the surface with planetary grinders to achieve the proper CSP for the desired floor coating. After we achieve profile the floor is thoroughly cleaned and the install process begins!