Garage Floor Coating

Make Your Garage Stand Out!

  • Easy to clean

    With a mop and a little Dawn spills will wipe right off the floor.

  • Durable

    Garage floor coatings are chemical and abrasion resistant. With psi ratings far exceeding concrete alone

  • Anti-microbial

    Mold mildew and fungus will not make their way into the substrate

  • One of a kind

    These floors are highly customizable. We have an unlimited color pallet and design possibilities

  • Cost effective

    With so many options there is sure to be a system we can design to fit your budget and requirements

Recognize this?

Concrete Repair Contractor

Failed Coating

This is a garage floor coating failure. Issues like this are caused by the installer not preparing the concrete well enough to accept a resinous concrete coating. Or the surface was not thoroughly cleaned before install. Perhaps there was a high alkali content. It's our job to know all of the possible scenarios. New companies generally are going off of what they learned in a one or three-day class! Would you let a mechanic rebuild your engine if he's only been a mechanic for 3 days?

Ready for coating

Concrete prep for coating

Proper prep

This image shows a properly prepared substrate. We used a diamond grinder with 14 grit diamond tooling, then shotblasted to de-dust the slab .This gave the surface a proper profile for a garage floor coating or epoxy finish. This type of profile can only be achieved mechanically using specialty equipment.

Garage floor coatings solve multiple problematic scenarios. Usually, the most common reason for a garage floor coating is esthetics. Your floors are ugly and you want them beautiful! Take a look at the top five reasons for a garage floor coating and see if any of these scenarios are on your list.

Top five Reasons to have a garage floor coating

  • Concrete is stained
  • Concrete is cracked
  • Excessive dust
  • Concrete has failed coating
  • Hard to clean!
Proper Prep Equipment
Proper Prep Equipment

How do we and our coating systems address this? Our epoxy and garage floor coating systems are designed to be a protection for your concrete. The PSI ratings are well above that of the concrete itself.  Staining is no longer an issue. Cracks are treated prior to install with various repair products designed for your situation, i.e. static or moving cracks.

Unprotected concrete becomes dusty, think of your shoe as a 400 grit piece of sandpaper. Over time every step you take is wearing down (albeit microscopically) the concrete, this creates dust.

Failed coatings are 99% of the time due to inexperienced applicators who failed to prep your concrete to the recommended manufacturer CSP(concrete surface profile). We stand behind and warranty our work. Look us up! We have been at it for over a decade!

We do large commercial jobs and small residential jobs. The same care and equipment is used no matter what size job it is.

Our floors are easy to clean and easy to maintain. Anti stain and anti-slip, never worry about a nasty looking floor again! It's time you had a showroom finish in your garage.

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