Acid Stained concrete Floors Orlando | Interior Concrete Overlay

Acid Stained concrete floors can add a deep warm unusual charm to any interior. The mottling and variation that can be achieved with an acid stain and interior concrete floor overlay can not be mimicked by any traditional flooring options such as ceramic or vct tile.

The challenge comes in the condition of the floor. Stained concrete floors are beautiful if they are in good shape. On the before picture of this den you can see that the concrete in this room was in need of very aggressive preparation before anything could be done to it. The homeowner had an extension added and it was finished very uneven, with high and low spots as well as an inch height different at the cold joint where it met the original slab. In order to do anything with this floor, it was necessary to grind it even, feather back the rise and apply a micro-topping that could be acid stained.

Acid Stained Floor Orlando Before Shot

After many hours of grinding we were able to achieve a good profile and level out this floor. Because the concrete contractor who poured this floor tried to hide the height differences by feathering the concrete over to the original slab they were left with a very jagged  cold joint. The resolution was to treat this cold joint with a two part urethane, then re-cut a straight line so that the home owner did not have to worry about a hairline crack coming back in the future. The results of this acid stained concrete floor was beautiful. Notice the color variation mottling and veining using just one color of acid at two coats.AcidS_Stain_Orlando.jpgCall Big Top Concrete Resurfacing, LLC for a free estimate on you Acid Stained concrete floors Orlando! 888-870-5030

Concrete Overlays in Orlando Save Money Most of the Time

The idea behind concrete overlays is that they are supposed to be more cost effective than ripping out and replacing old worn concrete. There are however certain applications and design elements and upgrades that add to the cost. But the results you simply can not achieve with tile or traditional flooring products.

Our company goes through great lengths to try and find the correct balance between making a profit and providing solutions. Case in point our last small job. It was basically trying to figure out a cost effective solution to a homeowner mistakes on his pool deck. He stained his stamped concrete it and did not properly prep the area or adhere to the manufacturers suggested application method. A year later the stain was peeling of like potato chips. He had two prior estimates by other companies and the price tag was in the ridiculous range. Their solution was to grind off the stain and redo everything including the texture created with the stamp.  It is definitely a solution, but cost effective, hardly.

When a product fails even if it was applied by the homeowner, we need to get to the bottom of what went on during the install. I performed a few test to determine if there was a product that could easily fix his issue. The answer was not so easy. We like to think outside the box when it comes to these special circumstances. The concrete stain was peeling only in the areas which received constant sun. Under the shaded part it was not flaking but had a few issues. After interviewing the homeowner about his installation I was able to determine a few things about why it failed and it helped us come up with a solution.

Our solution is not one for every occasion, but if the homeowner has a little patience, he could potentially save thousands. Our solution came in two parts one taking place now and the other taking place in the fall. The homeowner liked our proposal and let us do our job. Of course we could have given the same answer as the other two companies, grind it, leave a flier and say have a nice day, but that’s not the Big Top way. There was very little profit in this job for us, but we did learn quite a bit in our search for solutions which is invaluable.

Concrete Repair and Concrete Overlays for Delaminating Concrete

Let’s start this article with a brief explanation of delamination.  It is basically a fancy word for failure. Failure may not always be the best explanation of the word. When we are talking delaminating concrete, it depends on the circumstances whether or not failure is the the noun we should be using. Yes, concrete can fail due to many circumstances from improper mixing and placement to whether temperatures etc. On our last job we had a different delamination issue and that is due to over use. Many of us think of concrete as being almost indestructible but truth be told, it has it’s life expectancy and tolerance level.

Let’s use our last job as an example. We were called to repair delaminating concrete on a loading dock. In this image you can see the issue at hand:

Delaminating Concrete

Delaminating Concrete

This problem is not necessarily concrete failure so much as it is a usage issue. Day in and day out, this area is beaten up by carts filled to the brim with mail. The carts have rigid wheels and are heavy on their own, fill them with boxes and paper, then they become even more damaging. Concrete can withstand a lot of abuse, but it is not bullet proof.

What we did to remedy this was to use a concrete overlay as a protective coating which can sustain much more abuse that concrete alone. The polymer product we use have psi ratings of that surpass concrete just after seven days. At 28 days when it is fully cured they far surpass the psi ratings of concrete.

When we started grinding this last job we realized that the concrete used was very soft. It was easy to grind and we were finished 200 sq. ft. in under 45 minutes. If we tried to grind 200 sq. ft. of our products, that would take us at least 2 hours. So there is a definite difference in strength and tolerance.

Here is the finished product:

Delaminating Concrete Repair

Repaired Concrete

If you are considering replacing concrete because of delamination, consider a concrete overlay instead. It can stand up to harsh climates and conditions and add a beautiful decorative finish to boot!

Why you shouldn’t hire a painting company for a concrete overlay.

Hey, let’s face it, we love painters they make our homes beautiful and do the type of work that most of us don’t want to. Painters should be painters, period. They are fantastic at their craft, the problem comes when they veer into another craft like a concrete overlay, that may seem like painting but is an entirely different animal. A painting contractor will have the tools and equipment to get your painting job done professional and right. But will they have the tools and equipment to resurface your driveway, pool deck, patio or walkway?

The type of equipment that is used in concrete resurfacing is entirely different from that of a painter. Often times painters take on concrete coating jobs because that’s what they know, coating. But every coating is not the same. Prime example… concrete. As a concrete specialist we understand the necessary steps that must be understood to make a long lasting coating that will be walked or driven on as apposed to a painter that specializes is vertical coatings that will never see a footprint

No offense to them, as a matter of fact, when I need my house painted, guess who I am calling. The problem comes when they take on projects that are out of their scope of knowledge which unfortunately happens far too often in the concrete coating business.

Concrete coating are not something that is painted on. They require special equipment for the applications and removal of old coatings, and a pressure washer doesn’t count.

Be savvy when it comes to your concrete coating company. Make sure they are specialist and you will save yourself lots of hassles and headaches.

Decorative Concrete Orlando | Concrete Restoration

Concrete is just about the most important building material known to man. It’s everywhere; unfortunately it’s not always pretty. Time can take it’s toll on it and turn it and even though it’s still performing it’s structural function, it just becomes an eye soar. This is where decorative concrete or concrete overlays come to the rescue. With a much greater compressive strength than concrete, they are designed to coat your concrete therefore protecting it from future deterioration and providing a brand new beautiful coating that can be enjoyed for years to come. Take a look at ho we transformed this patio into a luxurious looking space with decorative concrete.

decorative concrete orlando If you’ll notice, this was originally on slab that was later added onto in a horrible broom finish, which they must have tried to cover up with carpet. The new owners wanted something better and they searched out and found one of Orlando’s premier installers… that’s us to do the job. We needed a design that could fit into their budget and transform their patio into a space they were proud of. Here’s what we came up with:

decorative concrete orlando

Cracked Concrete Driveway Orlando

This may seem obvious but concrete cracks. Especially when you have companies install it as cheap as they possibly can. So if you have a cracked concrete driveway in Orlando, you are not alone. In this video we demonstrate how we can get your concrete driveway looking brand new in 3 days.

Concrete over wood floor | Faux finished wood | Concrete flooring Orlando

It may be time for you to start thinking about new flooring. Here in Orlando, Fl there are many things to consider before making a choice. Do you want tile or carpet, do you prefer concrete over wood floors! What if someone out there could offer the look of wood without the hassles that it can bring, such as moisture retention, high price tags, and the constant maintenance. Is there such a thing as Faux finished wood? Thanks to the experts at Big Top Concrete Resurfacing, LLC there is an answer and that is yes, we do offer a faux finished wood look out of concrete. Take a look at our last job in which we we let our true artisans take over and create a unique floor for a very happy customer.

faux finished concreteYou tell me, does it look real enough for you? If you have been considering new flooring, be sure to give us a call. We can create a unique one of a kind floor that will be durable and beautiful and most of the time more cost effective than traditional flooring.  Watch this video to see how we made this happen:

Concrete Patio Restoration Orlando | How to deal with cracks in concrete | Concrete Contractors Orange County Florida

Our last job was a definitely an easy gig but did not come without it’s share of obstacles to overcome. Every job is a learning experience and presents it’s own challenges. That’s why this business is so interesting to me, because there is always something new to discover or techniques in application.

On this particular job it was a concrete patio restoration in Orlando. We were asked to refurbish an recently poured patio. The homeowners found a “contractor” on Craig’s list which is probably all I need to say about that. Just in case I am going to reiterate never hire an unlicensed contractor and always check them out before hiring. This particular concrete contractor in Orange County was just like all the other hacks out there and did what he could do fast without any knowledge of the nature of concrete. He installed a 14′ x 30′ patio without and control or expansion joints. Guess what, it cracked at nearly 10′ intervals (about where the control joint should have been). We’ll no need to go on about it, they called the problem solvers at Big Top Concrete Resurfacing, LLC to fix it and that we did.

The first thing was to figure out how to deal with the cracks in the concrete. Normally we could cut new tension relief cuts and treat the crack, but I was leery about it on this one just because the job was done so poorly that I wasn’t even sure the concrete was mixed right. So I suggested we leave the cracks and incorporate them into the design. Our concrete overlay will then make the slab unique and protect it from further deterioration. Here’s a photo of the slab before.

CAM01100.jpgFrom this angle you can not see the cracks which start from the house and continues to the front of the slab. Had the “contractor” put tension relief cuts at the appropriate places then the slab would be in much better shape although they would still be stuck with ugly grey concrete.

At this pojnt you’re very anxious to see what we did with this. We did two coats of a modified acrylic cement the second coat being a texture coat. We then stained it with a semi-transparent stain, injecting a black color down the cracks to give it sort of a lowlight then continued on using 3 different stains to achieved the look we showed the customer on a sample board. And this is the final result….



Wow, what a transformation! here are some more images… Concrete Patio Designs Orlando

 In this image you can see what we did with the cracks…

Concrete Contractor Orlando Fl

Oh yeah, we also did their front entrance… Call us 888-870-5030. We make concrete beautiful!

Concrete Patio Contratcor Orlando


Kool Deck Removal Concrete Stamping and Overlays

Well it’s no secret we know what we’re doing when it comes to Kool Deck Removal and concrete overlays here in Orlando Florida. Here’s a few pics and a video from our last pool deck. The weather presented quite a challenge because we like to get things done when we say they will be. If rain is in the forecast it can bring things to a screeching halt. Masking and taping is impossible when it rains also, if we were to cover the pool to protect it from debris, the rain would sink our cover and make a mess. Timing was everything on this one and now we can chalk up being experts at weather forecasting too!

Pool Deck Resurfacing Orlando Florida

Pool Deck Restoration


Pool Deck Coating Orlando

stone-like edges


Garage Floor Coating and Epoxy Flooring Benefits

Is your garage for storage, for working, or maybe just hanging out with the guys and watching football. Either way, a garage floor epoxy coating can make this grungy space feel like an extension of your home. Garage floor coatings can achieve a granite like finish or be made to resemble tile or terrazzo. Special care needs to be taken on the installation of these particular products. If installed correctly you will have a floor that is easy to clean, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant and looks amazing.
Take a look at this time lapse video of Big Top Concrete Resurfacing, LLC installing a garage floor epoxy coating.

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