Should you hire a contractor from Facebook Marketplace?

Hiring decorative contractors from Facebook Marketplace may not be your best option and here’s why. Our industry in the state of Florida is unfortunately unregulated, meaning anyone can pick up some epoxy from a big box store, put in on your floors and collect a check. It will last long enough for the check to clear and the contractor with no reputation and no background fades away, never to be reached again. The mess you will be left with will not only end up costing you twice, but the second time around is going to be more expensive then had you first hired a company with a good reputation in the community and with plenty of referrals to back them up.

Peeling Metallic Epoxy lack of proper prep

There are a host of individuals on Marketplace advertising installations so cheap that we can’t even get our material for that price. What does that tell you? Number one, they have no equipment for proper preparation of the substrate. Number two, they purchase the consumer grade products that will not produce a sustainable floor. Number three, they are not a licensed and insured business that has a reputation to maintain. 

The bottom line is, if it seems too good to be true, it is. There are no shortcuts in the decorative concrete industry, it’s a two way street it’s either done right, or it’s done wrong. Don’t fall victim to individuals who won’t even invest in their business enough to own a proper website. That’s our two cents.

Logos in Concrete – Orlando, FL

What better way to make your business stand out then use of your company logo. It helps people remember where they need to go when searching for whatever it is you sell, be it tools, cars, food, or anything in between, a logo makes you stand out. Logos in concrete floors are a very attractive and effective form of marketing.  It adds to the overall beauty of one of the largest canvases in your business!

There are many elements that go into creating a logo then implementing it on a floor. We do not create the logos, we just make them look natural in your floor. Our preferred method of concrete  logo installation is to etch it in. That way it is a classy permanent part of the overall look of the floor. Some installers use stickers, but they tend to look cheap and fabricated and really require no skill to install. 

We installed this logo for our friends at Red Eye Concrete. These guys are so busy they just didn’t have time to finish this step of the over 7000 sf job! Who did they ask to help… you guessed it. 

Logo after first coat of sealer

It took us two full days and a third to get the final top coat on. There were various steps that needed to be completed in order to have this logo come to fruition on concrete all while keeping it classy and rustic!

Logo Stencil
Partial Concrete Logo
Concrete Logo Installation
Decorative Concrete Logo Before Sealing

You can see this logo at Clermont Brewing Company in Clermont, FL. For more information or to have your logo installed INTO your concrete, give us a call or visit us at 

Decorative Concrete Orlando | Questions to ask

Decorative Concrete Orlando – What type of flooring are you looking for? This is the first question to ask yourself when deciding on new floors for your place of business or home. It’s the obvious question. Sometimes we need to explore the not so obvious in search of our new floor or vertical wall space. What type of atmosphere are you trying to create. Are you wanting a warm welcoming feel to your space or are you looking for something more fun or exciting in your floors. Maybe you are in the market for heavy duty finishes for commercial spaces.

Big Top Concrete Resurfacing, LLC specializes in many types of decorative and industrial flooring options. From micro toppings to acid staining to urethane concrete and most everything in between. It’s important that you as the consumer try to educate yourself by doing research and asking your decorative concrete or industrial concrete coating specialist questions. I can’t emphasize this enough, ask questions and if all your given is a “yeah we do that,” then you may want to ask questions to another contractor. Be sure your decorative concrete specialist in Orlando or elsewhere has the knowledge to educate you on the pros and cons of different decorative concrete and industrial coating applications.

There is not a one size fits all aspect of decorative concrete. Every substrate has it’s complicated differences therefore having plenty of options is key to having a long lasting beautiful floor that you can be proud of for years.

Metallic Epoxy Coating Alternative to Traditional Interior Flooring

How many times have you been through the isles of big box hardware stores and see the same selection of tile or laminate flooring. You could visit the store a year later and guess what, you see the same thing. Thousands of other people see it too and most of them have it installed. What this means is that there are countless homes with floors that are exactly the same. You may visit a friend and discover you have the same tile, the chances are high. If you want your home to stand out from the crowd and you want floors that will be unique to your home that can not be duplicated then a metallic epoxy coating might be worth your consideration.

A 100% solids epoxy blended with metallic pigments that suspend within the epoxy create stunning marbling and three dimensional effects that will be unique every time they are installed. Once the self leveling epoxy is applied it finds it’s path to beauty as it settles and continues to move and flow until it’s exothermic reaction reaches it’s last point of fluidity. Once this happens the epoxy begins to harden over a course of eight to twelve hours depending on temperature. Then you get to see what your what unique creation your contractor, gravity, and chemistry has created for you.

As with any decorative concrete installation, be sure you hire a licensed reputable contractor. Do your research before you hire, here in Orlando, FL we are running into too many situations where unskilled, unqualified, so called contractors and even just plain con artists are getting contracts and draining wallets.

Enjoy a video of our last interior metallic epoxy coating.

Decorative Concrete Economics Why the Lower Bid is Not Always The Best Decision

We have all done this at one point or another made a purchase based on price, only to find out that the price was low for a reason. We end up returning the merchandise and going for the quality product. That was easy right? Go to the store make a return may of taken all of fifteen minutes.

With decorative concrete there are no returns, there is no going back and sometimes there is no finding the contractor to argue the point because they disappear. We come across this scenario on a regular basis in Orlando Florida. Installers that take deposits and never show up or do half the work and hit the road. Or, they finish the job without doing the necessary steps to ensure longevity, while using the cheapest products they can find.

We just went to a call like this on the 29th of May, 2015. It was a pool deck that was supposed to receive a stamped overlay. The guy put down a bond coat and said he needed more money to continue. The homeowner paid him the entire cost of the job less $200, guess what, the contractor never returned. Not only that, but it was clear he did no prep whatsoever. I told the homeowner it’s better that he didn’t put down any cementitious material, as it would have been a much bigger mess down the road. I saw the bid on this job was $2000. The homeowner was now under a false impression that a decorative concrete coating on a pool deck this size should be in $2000 range. Well, as to not waste his or my time, I laid it on the line by letting him know that we would not even come close to that figure but that’s because we are professionals and do the job right.

When you run a business reputation is everything. We strive to use quality products along with quality workmanship and make the process of of an installation something to enjoy seeing take place. We have the tools to do the job and we have the skills, of course we are licensed, insured, and certified.

The old saying you get what you pay for is an understatement when it comes to decorative concrete. If you receive three bids and one is exceptionally low, raise that red flag in your mind and kindly show that contractor the way out. Go with your gut and who you feel comfortable with and do yourself a favor by checking their reviews.

A Higher Bid In The Decorative Concrete Business May Cost a Lot Less in the Long Run

As consumers we feel almost obligated to look for what we consider the best deal But can we differentiate a deal from a steal? Read More

Decorative concrete cheap | Inexpensive coatings | Warning

Well, this post can be short and sweet. It just further reiderates you get what you pay for and sometimes not even that. We were contacted by a very kind lady who wants a decorative concrete finish on her driveway and walkways. She had already been quoted by another company here in Central Florida and gave her deposit for work, and guess what… the guy never showed up to do it. Look at the reviews of this company here: . If you are searching for cheap, unfortunately this is what you run in to. We suggest do it right with a company who stands behind their work, and have pice of mind.

Epoxy Flooring for Garage and Home Central Florida

We have been getting plenty of calls for garage floor repairs. When we say repairs, it means there was something put down on the floor and is now peeling up. Usually done by painters or homeowners themselves. When we install epoxy flooring for garages and home we thoroughly evaluate the substrate to be sure it is a candidate for this type of application. We do this by moisture testing and examining for chemical contaminants as well as structural integrity. Once it is determined that we can install an epoxy flooring system, we then prep the substrate to accommodate a non-breathable sealer such as epoxy. This is where painters and homeowners DIY-ers fail. You need to have the correct equipment to have a lasting installation. You need to use the right product to ensure longevity. Our prices will reflect all of that. If you are looking for a cheap floor for your garage, then call a painter. If you are looking for a quality floor installation, then call us we stand behind what we do and know how to do what we do. Take a look at the video below to see our latest work of art on a floor.

Acid Stained Concrete Orlando | Decorative Concrete | Concrete Coating | Flooring

Acid stained concrete can bring a warm unique look to concrete slabs. The mottling that occurs via the chemical reaction with the minerals in the concrete will never be duplicated from slab to slab. Therefore you will always have a unique floor.


Not all concrete is a candidate for an acid stain. If your concrete has had a previous finish such as stain, tile, carpet it may not be the best solution to beautify your slab. The reason lies deep in the pores of the concrete. A professional decorative concrete contractor will understand this and explain to you your options. Such as a polymer modified cementitious overlay. With a coating such as this, you now have a blank canvas which your contractor can create his work of art.


We can’t stress enough to do your research on your contractor. For example, in the picture below, you can see that we created several samples for the client in his home on his slab. If it weren’t for tests like these, we would never know the final outcome of the stain that is going over original concrete. There is no way to predict it. In addition, these tests showed us something that could have presented a big problem down the road. And that is the presence of an over abundance of cure and seal that they used when the slab was poured. This will hinder the stain from penetrating and there is now way to tell without tests. We originally used a swing buffer and sanding disk for the first round of test. When we were able to scratch off the acid stain with our nail, we knew this floor had to be grounded.Acid Stain Concrete


Hiring a professional decorative concrete contractor will save you money, time, and lots of headaches. And whatever you do, never, ever, hire a painter to do your floors.

Decorative Concrete and Concrete Staining Restores Orlando Walkway

Over time concrete will begin to delaminate, crack, and take on a very ugly appearance. I say will because it’s inevitable especially if it’s not sealed or protected. This is exactly what’s happened to this walkway and the homeowner called Big Top Concrete Resurfacing, LLC to remedy the situation.deteriorated concrete

As you can see water has taken it’s toll. In addition someone tried at one point or another to coat this or give it some color. Well, it didn’t last. On a project like this, a coating really is the only option rather than tear out and replace. A decorative concrete coating done right will protect the substrate and give it a brand new look. When properly installed and maintained the coating will withstand the test of time and give you years of enjoyment. Will it last forever… of course not. Sometimes we are asked this question. Truth be told, the better the installer, the longer it lasts and the newer the concrete is below it the longer it lasts. What a transformation we have made on this decorative concrete flooring project.Finished Product decorative concrete orlando

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