Lake Mary FL Decorative Concrete Patio Overlay for Customized Concrete Looks

Lake Mary, Florida has a beautiful landscape which can be complimented in your own yard with a unique decorative concrete overlay from Big Top Concrete Resurfacing, LLC. Imagine going into your back yard and stepping onto your patio and feeling like you are not on a concrete slab but a custom work of decorative concrete art. Take a look at this before picture of a decorative concrete overlay patio we designed for a home owner in Lake Mary, FL:Lake Mary, FL Decorative Concrete Overlay

This particular client was the owner of many exotic birds which some lived on the back patio. Therefore there was a need for easy clean up and safe installation as the birds were now inside while we worked.

We came up with an exotic look for the substrate with the use of semi-transparent stains. We achieved the look of an acid stain but without the potential for dangerous fumes to enter the home and effect the birds.

The first step was to seal the patio door off using duct tape to prevent and airborne particulate or fumes from entering into the home. Next we removed the tile which took our professional crew all of 45 minutes.

Concrete Coating Lake Mary, FLAfter we had to grind of the remaining mastic and layer of paint below that. Once the surface was prepared and cleaned we had our first coat down.

The next day was the texture coat which is a hand troweled decorative concrete application that resembles natural stone. It’s a very realistic look if done correctly. In addition this customer had cracks which we decided to incorporate into her design so that she did not have to worry about them coming back in the future.Lake Mary Patio Designs

On day three we carved the pattern into the design and then stained it. We chose three colors which would compliment the brightly  painted walls and give a look that would resemble a tropical location a where you may find several exotic birds. Because of the time of day we finished the staining and the temperature outside we were able to seal the job the same day using a low VOC sealant to keep the fumes down and the birds safe. If you’re Lake Mary Patio is in need of restoration consider a decorative concrete overlay from the experts at Big Top Concrete Resurfacing, LLC. We do the job right the first time.Concrete Overlay for Patio Lake Mary, FL

Concrete patio ideas | Concrete overlay for patio | Stain concrete patio

If your looking for ideas for your concrete patio ideas, consider a concrete overlay designed for patios. This video show you how we transform a tile patio with a decorative concrete overlay and with the use of semi-transparent stains for decorative concrete, we create the look of natural stone. This coating can be applied anywhere in and around the home, patios, pool deck, walkways, driveways, interiors and more.

Concrete Overlay Orlando We Got You Covered!

I thought it would be fun to start creating some posts with our latest works in the concrete overlay department. There are so many different concrete overlay applications and every job we do is different. In fact, no two floors will ever be the same! This makes a concrete overlay, or concrete coating a very unique flooring choice.

Our last job before the Holidays and a much needed week vacation, was a patio concrete coating. The catch is the patio had Kool Deck already down. And to make it more interesting, it had carpet on top of that which was glued down every square inch. There is an entire pool deck that we will be coating as well toward the end of January, but the homeowner was really hoping to have something done prior to the holidays that they could enjoy. Well, we squeezed in one last job for them.

We were in such a hurry that I didn’t even bother taking pictures until we were well into the coating process of it. The first two images you see below is after the carpet was removed, the Kool Decking was ground off with our beast of a machine. and we were once again at the original concrete substrate. At this point we now had our first coat which we call the skim coat, in addition we had taped out the pattern using our special heavy duty filament tape and we sprayed a lockdown coat over the tape to encapsulate it.

Concrete Overlay Orlando

Skim coat and pattern taped

Concrete Overlay Orlando FL
After the lockdown coat is dry we pull the pattern tape thus revealing the design we have incorporated into the concrete overlay. This particular design was to resemble large stones. In addition there was a small crack in the patio and we utilized this into one of the grout lines we designed so that when if the crack reappears later on down the line, it will blend into the design thus not being a distraction to this beautiful patio. This next image is after pulling the pattern tape.

Concrete Overlays Orlando

Pattern Tape Pulled

As you can see there is a beautiful geometrically shaped stone-like pattern. This application could have also been a seamless version and would have looked just as beautiful. I do however love the patterns we install. This pattern can also be carved directly into the concrete using a special carving wheel and a 4″ hand grinder. Then next images you see is the finished product.

Concrete Patio Overlay Orlando FL

Pristine Floor

Concrete Overlay Company Orlando FL

Finished Concrete Patio

This is a wonderful floor with a very custom look. Not to mention that it is tough as nails, withstand mold and mildew and UV rays and because it was properly installed by the Experts at Big Top Concrete Resurfacing, LLC; will withstand the test of time. If you’re considering a Concrete overlay Orlando Florida, call the pros. We have the expertise, the equipment, the best products on the market. Our reviews speak for themselves.

Updates From My Last Post about Choosing the Right Concrete Coating Company

If you have been following this blog you will remember that I stumbled upon a very poorly installed overlay in my own neighborhood. If not, here is the link:

My intention of the post was for you as a consumer to gain awareness about a quality concrete coating or overlay versus the cheapest thing you can find. In this particular instance the workmanship was so unbelievably poor that I gave the driveway 3 months before it started to crack. Well, it turns out I was wrong, it has been just under 1 month and the cracks are starting to develop as you can see in this image below.

Bad Concrete Overlay Coating Orlando

Also you will notice the tire marks that are now permanently a part of this poorly coated driveway.

As a small business owner this is very disturbing to me as it discredits the industry that I love and believe in. Again I must reiterate that a professionally installed coating will last you for many years and look amazing. My company takes the time to make sure that our installs are done properly to ensure that something like this does not happen to you. I understand that without you, then we are not in business.

Research your decorative concrete contractor before hiring. Make sure they are licensed and insured and that they apply all the state regulations for their business and save yourself a headache.

Choose your concrete coating company in Orlando wisely or else

When searching for the cheapest option is not always the best decision.

I was compelled to write about this topic due to the amount of poor craftsmanship I see in my industry. Concrete Overlays are just gaining momentum and popularity out her in central Florida. Being in the industry, that of course means potential business for my company. There are a handful of trained experienced, quality installers here, so that’s a good thing. The problem is there is an over abundance of fly-by-nighters that have no business coating a caramel apple, let along a persons driveway or home.

Case in point, in my own neighborhood in which I might add I do advertise. There is a particular house which the owners had a coating put down, what looks to be not more than a few years ago. Well, the failed installation is showing it’s full inglorious qualities. It’s peeling of, like a lizard ready to shed it’s skin on a hot August night in Arizona. You could literally slide a screw driver underneath, it and pop off pieces at will. A complete and utter failure. The sad part is that not only does the homeowner lose out, but our industry loses as well by the bad PR.

This is not how these applications hold up. A well installed overlay will last you years and years and look almost brand new 10 years down the line. Especially if you take the proper care and maintenance for it.

Now, getting back to that particular home. I drove bay today, and guess what… there was a black van, no vehicle lettering, just a van and a guy. What was this guy doing? Well, he was spreading out some concrete product in what looked to be a broom finish on drugs. Did he pressure wash the area with a a machine that delivers the necessary psi and gpms? No. Did he grind the failed previous coating off? No. He did what so many illegitimate companies or people do here in central Florida. Yes! He showed up, threw some material down and ran like hell.

I am going to document when this product starts to fail by pictures. Don’t worry, I will not be snooping, merely driving by and snapping some shots. I will give it about 3 months before it starts to crack, then about 9 months before it start to peel off like one of those nice juicy clementine tangerines we have here.

The fact is, sometimes you can save by going on the cheap. For example, if you buy luggage but only travel once a year, then get some cheap luggage. Or if you buy a tool you only need once every couple of years, cheap is okay. The reason is because the price points are not so high. But if you decide to spend $1,000 for a concrete coating that should have costed $2,500, then guess what, that’s a bad decision. When the $1000 product fails due to lack of knowledge of the installer and cheap material, you now need to get rid of that $1000 installation. Now what would have costed you $2,500 now is up to $3,500(if your lucky). Had you only went for quality rather than cheap the savings will multiply.

It may sound a little whinny of me to point out other companies flaws. I am not however pointing out flaws so much as I am trying to educate the communities about quality installations and quality products. These photos do not represent our industry. They represent the industry of inexperience and cons.

The next time you decide to have a concrete coating in Orlando, Florida be sure to ask your installer all of the pertinent question and make sure they are truly licensed, insured, and workers comp client. All these details speak volumes about whom you deal with. It means that if they are willing to take on the expense of running a legitimate company, then they want to do the job right to be able to cover these expenses.

Keep checking back to this blog to see how this cheap concrete coating holds up. I think you’ll want to contact us for your next install. Don’t go cheap on your overlays, it will only end up costing you more.

Warning these pictures do not represent this industry and may be disturbing
Example of poor craftsmanship in a concrete overlay

What went wrong in this overlay

Example of poor craftsmanship in a concrete coating


I am sorry you had to see such poor work, But it’s important to know what’s going on and how to protect yourself. Now take a look at a professionally crafted broom finish done by Big Top Concrete Resurfacing, LLC®

Driveway resurfacing Orlando

Driveway Approach Before

Concrete driveway repair Orlando

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing for Driveways

Most of us think of our driveway as a place to park our car. The idea of it being a decorative surface or even being and extension of our home, for the most part seems lost. Well let’s look at why we should consider a decorative concrete overlay for our driveway. If you purchased your home over the past year or so, chances are the price has gone up from where it was two or three years ago. The value has increased, isn’t in your best interest to keep that value steadily climbing?

Curb appeal is one the the main factors when a home purchase is made. What’s the first thing we see when we pull up to anyones home, need I say or are you with me. Of course it’s the driveway. This space can be a reflection of your home’s beauty and how you take care of your property. Does this mean you have to tear out and replace your driveway, hardly unless it’s structurally unsound.

There are a number of different decorative concrete resurfacing techniques that can add a charm to your driveway and transform it into an extension of the beauty of your home. Perhaps a soldier course border to disguise the control joints or a large flagstone pattern to mask any cracks. Maybe even a stamped overlay to give a realism that can’t be matched.

Beautification is not the only benefit. These coatings protect your existing concrete. So that oil leak in your car will no longer leave it’s mark on your driveway. With all of the benefits of a concrete overlay, it really does make it a sound investment into your home.

Be sure to hire a contractor that has been trained in this industry. Too often we come upon jobs where the contractor has cut corners and not given the products the chance to do what they are capable of doing and therefore failure is a result. Concrete coatings are amazingly strong and durable if the right products are used and the right contractor is installing it.

So now the time has come for you to make the call to Big Top Concrete Resurfacing and schedule your free estimate and let’s give that driveway a new life.

Cheap Concrete Overlays Orlando – A Steal of a Deal

The title implies it all. As a homeowner it is prudent of you to try and find the best deal out there when it comes to home improvement. The best deal could mean a better quality product or a design element added at little to no cost or just a really cheap price. If it’s the latter I encourage you to do a little more research into the contractor doing the job.

I have personally seen so many installs where homeowners literally threw there money out the window searching for the cheapest price. Unfortunately the world has it’s fair share of scammers and unscrupulous business practitioners. To give you one example I was on an estimate this weekend where the homeowner had some concrete poured as an addition to a horribly coated pool deck and it turns out the contractor who poured the concrete had never done this before. It was evident by the lack of expansion joints, sloppiness of the job and the delimitation that is occurring after one month. I made clear what had to be done in order for us to coat the area and that involved removing the existing coating and cutting new tension relief cuts and a host of other fixes. I knew the homeowner was hoping for a deal, but I set the record straight right away by saying my company will not do it unless we do it right. There will be companies come out here and say they can coat it as is, and they can, the difference is there product will fail in a matter of months. The homeowner gave me the price of an estimate that he had from another resurfacing company. When I heard the price without hesitation I knew I could not beat the price. I told him so, and wrote my proposal for him to have anyway. I came in over double what the other company came in at. I could not even buy my material for the previous bid. What this tells me is there is no shortage of businesses or so called businesses eager to sell you a cheap overlay and when I say it’s a steal of a deal I mean that in a literal sense. Do your research, have several estimates, and remember cheapest is certainly not the best.

Our products are designed to withstand the test of time. We work meticulously to do the job right. Cutting corners is not an option for Big Top Concrete Resurfacing, LLC®. Call us for a Free Estimate, we may not be the cheapest resurfacing company out there but you can rest assured your money will be well spent.

Love Your Kitchen Again with a CTI Countertop Coating

In terms of adding value to your home there are two areas that will give you the biggest gains. The kitchen and the bathroom have proven over the years to add the most value. They are also two of the most expensive areas to renovate. If you factor in new cabinets and perhaps a low grade of granite or marble, even for an average sized kitchen, you could be looking upwards of $7000.

The CTi Euro Bond countertop coating can offer a major upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom for a dramatically lower price. Not to mention it is a nonporous sustainable surface, unlike marble or granite which needs to be re-sealed regularly. It only adds about .5 lbs per square foot of weight, so your existing cabinets can support this with no need for modification.

Even if you don’t plan on selling your home a counter top coating installation from Big Top Concrete Resurfacing will bring new life to your area. Each design is hand crafted works of art and no two installations are the same. Your countertops will be unique to you.

Call Big Top Concrete Resurfacing at 888-870-5030 to schedule your free estimate and Love Your Kitchen Again!

Concrete Coating in Orlando Gone Wrong

So you decide you have had enough of your ugly driveway. It’s time you put your foot down and take care of this eyesore once and for all. Off to your local hardware store you go to purchase a consumer grade driveway coating. It says on the the packaging that it fills cracks and dry in two hours… sounds great, you can handle this. So you spend $50 and now it’s time to coat. Even the inexperienced would know that the surface can’t be too dirty, so a quick broom job and time to slop down some coating.

Wow, you think to yourself, this is easy. Why pay a professional when I am a natural Do It Yourselfer. Just as it says on the packaging this product is filling the cracks and it is dry in two hours… mission complete! Job well done… or so you think. After a few months you see those filled cracks looking just as they did before you put the coating down. Another couple of months go by and you see your driveway looking like a Nascar speedway with tire mark graffiti everywhere. A few months later, it starts to look like your driveway got a really bad sunburn and is now peeling the burnt layers. But you followed the instructions, and now your driveway looks worse than before. It may look something like the picture below.

Concrete Coating Orlando Gone Wrong

Does this sound familiar? Well it happens all to often when a homeowner tries to tackle a job that should be left to professionals. Using concrete coating on a driveway may seem like an easy task, but there are several steps that must take place to ensure proper bonding and adhesion. A professional knows the steps and has the proper equipment to make that happen. One of the most frequent calls we get is the removal of coating in order to put down a new durable, professionally installed coating.

Saving money should always be on your mind, we are certainly not the cheapest alternative. But in the long run the savings will come back to you. In terms of time, value to your home, and pride in your property.

Call Big Top Concrete Resurfacing to schedule an appointment for your free estimate. Our products are commercial grade modified acrylic cement designed to beautify and protect your existing surface. We do not roll on a coat of paint, we spray or trowel on concrete which will last for years to come. We’ll do it right the first time so you can have more time.

Concrete Coatings and the Economy

It’s 2013 and the economy to to be slowly trying to climb it’s way back from the the depths it receded to. It’s still going to take a while, so it may make doing home improvements seem like it has to be put on hold. Well, when it comes to flooring, countertops  and outdoor spaces, the use of concrete coatings can accomplish wonderfully beautiful designer options at a cost effective rate.

Let’s talk countertops for a minute.  We all know that cheap formica countertops can make your kitchen or bathroom look dull and dreary. Wouldn’t a nice piece of granite look great there to add a richness to your home. Of course, but even a low-grade slab of granite is going to run upwards of $40 a square foot. Then there’s installation which is another cost. Suddenly this option becomes less and less appealing. Our Concrete Countertop Overlays can achieve the same look and durability as marble at a cost that will leave you with some extra cash in your account. Unlike granite, they are non- porous thus not being affected by bacteria and staining.

Heading to the outside. The driveway is the first thing one usually sees when pulling up to your home. If it’s cracked and covered in dark mold, then no matter how beautiful your home is, it can’t hide the ugly spot right in front of it. Well, you could have it removed, re poured and have a brand new driveway. That’s definitely an option, if you don’t mind tearing up your landscape a bit, and paying for the removal, and paying for the installation, then having a surface that will ultimately look the same as it did before over time. With a decorative concrete overlay you can make your driveway a focal point with a beautiful design and protect it for the future without ripping it out and replacing. The best part is, this option is also a cost effective means of home beautification.

Even though our economy may not be where it should be, our homes can still look the way we want them to with the use of concrete coatings or overlays. Give us a call today for a free estimate and make your home beautiful again.

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